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Hydro Quip, a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium spa and hot tub equipment. With over 35 years of industry experience, Hydro Quip has established itself as a trusted name, providing high-quality products and innovative solutions to spa manufacturers, distributors, and service professionals around the globe.


Based in California, USA, they are driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the hot tub industry. Their extensive product line includes top-of-the-line control systems, heaters, pumps, and a variety of accessories, all designed to deliver superior performance and reliability.


Whether you’re a spa enthusiast or a professional in the hot tub industry, Hydro Quip has something to offer. Their user-friendly interfaces, advanced features, and durability make their products stand out from the rest, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable hot tub experience for users.


At Hydro Quip, innovation is at the heart of everything they do. They continuously strive to push the boundaries of spa technology, introducing cutting-edge solutions that elevate the spa experience to new heights. With their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they have earned the trust of customers worldwide.


Join me as I delve into the world of Hydro Quip, exploring their range of premium spa equipment and the incredible technology that sets them apart in the industry.


Whether you’re a hot tub enthusiast or a professional seeking top-tier products, they have the perfect solution for you. Get ready to dive into the world of innovation, reliability, and unmatched performance as we unveil the excellence that is Hydro Quip.



What is the History Behind Hydro Quip?


Hydro Quip was founded in 1981 by Paul Decker and Ted Armitage in Southern California. The company started as a small operation with a vision to provide high-quality spa and hot tub equipment to the growing industry. From the beginning, their focus was on innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


In the early years, Hydro Quip quickly gained a reputation for producing top-of-the-line spa control systems and accessories. Their commitment to quality and continuous improvement propelled them forward, leading to significant growth and expansion.


Over the years, Hydro Quip continued to innovate and expand its product line to meet the changing needs of the spa industry. They introduced advanced control systems, energy-efficient heaters, powerful pumps, and various other accessories, solidifying their position as a leading player in the market.


As the hot tub industry grew, so did Hydro Quip’s presence. They extended their reach to serve customers not only in the United States but also globally. Their dedication to producing reliable, cutting-edge equipment allowed them to build strong relationships with spa manufacturers, distributors, and service professionals worldwide.


Today, Hydro Quip continues to lead the way in the spa industry, providing innovative and reliable products to meet the evolving needs of hot tub enthusiasts and professionals alike. With their decades of experience, commitment to quality, and focus on customer satisfaction, Hydro Quip remains a trusted name in the world of spa and hot tub equipment.



What Products do Hydro Quip Manufacture?


Hydro Quip specializes in manufacturing a wide range of high-quality spa and hot tub equipment and accessories. Some of their key products include:


Spa Control Systems:


Hydro Quip offers advanced and reliable spa control systems that allow users to regulate and customize various functions of their hot tubs, such as water temperature, jet operation, lighting, and filtration.




They manufacture energy-efficient electric heaters that effectively and quickly heat the water in hot tubs to provide a comfortable and enjoyable soaking experience.




Hydro Quip produces powerful and durable spa pumps that are essential for water circulation, ensuring optimal filtration and hydrotherapy massage.




Their air blowers are designed to introduce air into the water flow, creating a delightful bubbling effect that enhances relaxation and therapeutic benefits.




Hydro Quip offers ozone generators that are used to sanitize and purify the hot tub water, reducing the need for traditional chemical sanitizers.


Topside Control Panels:


They manufacture user-friendly topside control panels that provide an interface for hot tub owners to control various functions and settings.

Plumbing Components: Hydro Quip produces a range of plumbing parts, such as manifolds, unions, and connectors, that are crucial for the proper installation and functioning of hot tub systems.


Electrical Components:


They offer various electrical parts and components, including contactors, relays, and sensors, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of hot tubs.




Hydro Quip provides high-quality hot tub filters that are essential for removing debris and impurities from the water to maintain water clarity and hygiene.


Jets and Fittings:


They offer a variety of spa jets and fittings to enhance the massage experience and ensure proper water flow throughout the hot tub.


Hydro Quip’s extensive product line is designed to cater to the needs of both residential and commercial hot tub applications, making them a reliable and comprehensive source for spa and hot tub equipment.




In conclusion, Hydro Quip has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of top-notch spa and hot tub equipment, providing a comprehensive range of products that cater to various hot tub needs. With a rich history dating back to the early 1980s, they have remained committed to delivering cutting-edge technology, reliability, and efficiency in their offerings.


Whether you need spa control systems, heaters, pumps, blowers, ozonators, or any other essential spa parts, Hydro Quip’s products are designed to enhance your hot tub experience and ensure its optimal performance.


As a hot tub enthusiast and supplier of spa parts, I highly recommend exploring Hydro Quip’s products for your hot tub needs, as they continue to be a trusted name in the industry, providing quality and innovation to spa owners worldwide.


For your convenience, you can find a wide selection of Hydro Quip products at my website, Parts4Tubs.com, where I am dedicated to offering top-quality spa parts to keep your hot tub running smoothly and efficiently.


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