Watkins Wavemaster 7000 – Are you looking for a replacement pump?

Wavemaster 7000


The Watkins Wavemaster 7000 has long been a trusted name in the realm of hot tub pumps and motors; it is found in many different hot tubs and spas.


However, as time moves forward and technology advances, even the most reliable components eventually face discontinuation. In this article, I’ll address the fact that the Watkins Wavemaster 7000 is no longer available, and guide you through the process of selecting an appropriate replacement.


As a hot tub owner or enthusiast, finding the right replacement for a discontinued part can be a crucial task to ensure your spa continues to operate smoothly. So, join me as I explore how to make an informed decision when choosing a suitable substitute for the Wavemaster 7000.



The Watkins Wavemaster 7000 comes with various part numbers such as 36745, 36675, 71699, and 0974101. This versatile pump could operate at either 115V or 230V, offering a choice between (1) Speed operation at 16.0Amp or 8.0Amp. It was designed with a 48-frame build and featured 2″ x 2″ inlets and outlets, which measure approximately 3″ across the threads.


When selecting a new pump, what we are going to need to do is select a single voltage model (dual voltage pumps are becoming less and less popular) depending on what voltage your hot tub runs.


It’s important to note that for those considering this high-amperage pump for a hot tub with a regular wall-style 115V plug and outlet, be cautious. This pump may draw excessive amperage, which can interfere with your heater when using a wall plug. Always ensure that the amperage of your replacement 115V pump matches the previous motor to avoid potential over-amperage issues in your hot tub.


For 230V Systems: If this pump is designated as pump #2 in your hot tub, meaning you have two significant pumps with one operating at 2-speed and this one at 1-speed,


Watkins, 06115734-1, was specifically designed for Wavemaster 6000 or 6500 models. This 1.5HP, 230V, 48-frame pump with 2″ x 2″ fittings can operate at 1 or 2 speeds, drawing 8.5A, and carries the Vendor Code 4081.


Here is the direct replacement pump that you will need.

For 115V Systems: If this pump is your primary pump, marked as pump #1 in your hot tub configuration, and you have only one major pump alongside a circulation pump, there’s another dependable choice. Example part numbers might be, 39583, Watkins, Vendor Code 4081, designed for use in Hotspring, Solana, Hot Spot, and Wavemaster hot tubs. This 1.5HP, 115V, 48-frame pump features 2″ x 2″ fittings and can operate at 1 or 2 speeds, drawing 13.0A.


Here is the replacement pump you will need.

It’s essential to understand that when it comes to Watkins Wavemaster Complete Pumps, Watkins themselves don’t manufacture the pumps. Instead, they rebrand pumps from various manufacturers.


If you’re looking for pumps with the original Watkins branding, you are going to struggle as most are discontinued.


However, I do offer pumps that match or closely resemble the original pumps, especially if the original models are obsolete.


One difference you’ll notice is that the pumps won’t include the exhaust vent at the back. I believe this is a positive feature, as it allows the motor to cool as intended, without any need for the exhaust vent. If you require a pump with this specific feature, Watkins remains your sole source – but you are going to struggle as I have previously mentioned.,


Additional Note: While the appearance of the motor on this pump may vary, rest assured that it will meet the same specifications and do the same job.

If in doubt, please do get in touch.




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How do I Replace a Hot Tub Pump?

Here's a general step-by-step guide on how to replace a hot tub pump. Keep in mind that the specific steps may vary depending on your hot tub's make and model, so it's essential to consult your hot tub's manual for model-specific instructions. If you're not comfortable with this procedure, it's a good idea to seek professional assistance.

Materials You'll Need:

  • Replacement pump
  • Pipe wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Pipe sealant (thread tape or plumber's putty)
  • PVC primer and cement (if you have PVC plumbing)
  • Teflon tape (for threaded connections)


  1. Turn Off the Power: Before you begin, ensure the hot tub's power supply is turned off at the circuit breaker or disconnect switch. Safety should always be a priority when working with electrical components.

  2. Drain the Hot Tub: If your hot tub is not already empty, you'll need to drain it. Follow your hot tub's manual or manufacturer's instructions for proper draining. (You might not need to do this if you can lock the pump off with the gate valves)

  3. Locate the Pump: Identify the location of the existing pump in your hot tub. It's usually located near the equipment area or in a designated pump compartment.

  4. Disconnect the Electrical Wiring: Carefully disconnect the electrical wiring from the old pump. This typically involves removing the electrical conduit cover, unscrewing wire nuts, and disconnecting the wires from the terminals. Be sure to note the wire connections or take a picture for reference when connecting the new pump.

  5. Disconnect the Plumbing: Depending on your hot tub's plumbing setup, you'll need to disconnect the plumbing connections to the pump. Use a pipe wrench or adjustable wrench to loosen and remove the fittings. Be prepared for some water spillage when disconnecting the plumbing.

  6. Remove the Old Pump: Once the electrical and plumbing connections are detached, carefully remove the old pump from its mounting position. Some pumps may be secured with mounting brackets or bolts.

  7. Prepare the New Pump: If the new pump is not pre-assembled, you may need to attach fittings, unions, or adapters to match your hot tub's plumbing. Ensure that you use the appropriate sealant or Teflon tape on threaded connections to prevent leaks.

  8. Mount the New Pump: Position the new pump in the same location as the old one and secure it in place using the mounting brackets or bolts.

  9. Reconnect Plumbing: Reconnect the plumbing to the new pump, ensuring that all connections are tight and secure. If your hot tub uses PVC plumbing, use PVC primer and cement to bond the connections properly.

  10. Reconnect Electrical Wiring: Reconnect the electrical wiring to the new pump, following the notes or pictures you took earlier. Make sure all wires are properly connected and secure.

  11. Turn On the Power: Restore power to the hot tub by switching on the circuit breaker or reconnecting the disconnect switch.

  12. Test the Pump: Turn on the hot tub's pump to ensure that it's working correctly. Check for any signs of leaks or irregularities in the plumbing connections.

  13. Refill the Hot Tub: Once you've confirmed that the new pump is functioning properly, refill the hot tub with water.

  14. Check for Leaks: Inspect the plumbing connections for any leaks. If you find any, turn off the pump, drain the tub again, and reseal the connections as needed.

  15. Monitor: Keep an eye on the pump and plumbing for the next few days to ensure everything is functioning correctly and that there are no further issues.

Remember that this is a general guideline, and the specific steps may vary based on your hot tub's design. If you're unsure or uncomfortable with any aspect of this process, please do get in touch, happy to help.

How do I know what size hot tub pump I have?

Determining the size of your hot tub pump is an important step when it comes to maintenance or replacement. To find out the size of your hot tub pump, follow these steps:

  1. Check the Manual: The easiest way to determine the size of your hot tub pump is to consult the owner's manual or user documentation that came with your hot tub. The manual typically contains detailed information about the specifications and components of your hot tub, including the pump.

  2. Look at the Pump Housing: If you don't have access to the manual or it doesn't provide the information you need, inspect the pump itself. Most hot tub pumps have a label or plate on the pump housing that displays essential details, including the pump's model number, manufacturer, and specifications. You can then send that to me or Google it.

  3. Measure the Pump: If the label is missing or damaged, you can measure the pump's dimensions. Measure the diameter of the pump's wet end (the part where the water flows) and the length of the wet end. These measurements can help identify the size and capacity of the pump.

  4. Consult the Manufacturer: If you can't find the information on the pump or in the manual, contact the hot tub manufacturer or a reputable dealer. Provide them with your hot tub's model and serial number, and they should be able to identify the correct pump size for your specific hot tub.

  5. Online Research: You can also search online using the pump's model number or hot tub's make and model. Many manufacturers provide detailed information about their products on their websites, and you may find specifications for your pump model.

Once you have determined the size and specifications of your hot tub pump, you can proceed with maintenance, repairs, or replacement if necessary. Keep in mind that replacing a hot tub pump with the same size and capacity as the original is crucial to ensure proper water circulation and filtration in your hot tub. If you're unsure about any aspect of this process, get in touch, always happy to help.